Risks 6.1 Smart contract security The security of Cerus must be the Cerus DAO’s highest priority beginning at the time of its deployment.

Users should investigate risks involved with Cerus before engaging with it. There is an inherent risk that Cerus could contain vulnerabilities or bugs causing, among other things, the complete failure of Cerus and/or its parts.

Blockchain technical risk Cerus is built on top of experimental technology under active development such as LayerZero and Balancer. There is no guarantee that the blockchain network would be error-free or have a minimum uptime. Failures might lead to exploits or hacks and result in a significant drop in the balance and price of the SYN NFT and Cerus token.

DAO multi-sig key management risk The Cerus DAO treasury is held on distributedly managed accounts backed by a BLS based m-of-n threshold scheme. The threshold scheme is more secure than a single key controlled by an individual. However, there is still a non-zero probability of failure. If at least (n-m+1) signatories lose their key shares, get hacked, or go rogue, funds might become locked. If 2 or more key shares are compromised, funds can be stolen.

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