Cerus - Synergy NFTs

The SYN NFT itself is a culmination of the tokens and strategies within, all determined by Cerus Governance, the heart of Cerus. It allows buyers and holders to embrace a subsection of an ecosystem’s tokens in a quick and easy way, making shifting positions across crypto assets much more fluid.

To allow for maximum flexibility and power of governance, we utilize Balancer Managed Pools through a bespoke Balancer extension, providing significant benefits for the protocol:

  • Up to 50 tokens per SYN NFT

  • Active Token Management: Add, Remove, Change Weightings (via governance)

  • Circuit Breakers to protect from malicious or compromised tokens

Entry to, addition to and exit from SYN NFT positions will be conducted in USDC stable coins to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible. Users can grow and shrink their allocation to a Narrative simply by adding or removing USDC from their SYN NFT.

SYN NFTs are an implementation of LayerZero’s oNFT which is compatible with 46 different blockchains as of this writing and SYN NFTs will be tradeable on secondary markets.

With the upcoming launch on Metis, SYN NFTs will be required to be minted and redeemed on Metis, but a multi-chain future is on the near horizon.

The initial launch of SYN NFTs will have custom artwork paying homage to the history of the Cerus protocol in the form of the OG Cerus Bulls. This special artwork will be a limited edition of 10,000 and a testament to the founding community members. Future minting will be done with programmatically generated 8-bit bulls with random traits.

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